10 March 2010

JD Recycle 5: Love Will Tear Us Apart

[Link removed 20 November 2012] (49 MB)

Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Factory Records Fac 23
Produced by Martin Hannett
April 1980


01 Love Will Tear Us Apart
02 These Days
03 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine/alternate version)
04 The Sound Of Music
05 Love Will Tear Us Apart (1995 Don Gehman Radio Mix)
06 Love Will Tear Us Apart (1995 Arthur Baker Remix)

1, 2 sourced from Nippon Columbia Japan CD
Substance COCY-9332
3 sourced from 1988 Factory Records CD single Atmosphere Facd213
4 sourced from Nippon Columbia Japan CD
Still COCY-9331
5, 6 sourced from 1995 London/PolyGram Canada CD single Love Will Tear Us Apart 422 850 129-2

Thanks to Josef, Ken, Craigie, and Dave for sleuthing and scanning assistance.

Here are the notes from
Mr. A.L., who is doing the mastering:

Ask any random stranger on the street to name a Joy Division track, and if they actually come up with an answer, it's usually this single.

Not much I need to add, though for punters who think the jaunty music is the band's signature style based on this song alone, obviously they've not done enough digging into the catalog. An utterly incongruous match between such jolly, Radio 1-esque music and one of Ian's bleaker lyrical contributions - perhaps that's why it works so well?

Track 1 was largely recorded at Strawberry Studios, Stockport in February/March 1980 with the vocals tightened up during the March 1980
Closer sessions at London's Britannia Row Studios. Ian famously modeled his vocals after Frank Sinatra, per Tony Wilson's suggestion. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 were recorded in January 1980 at Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham, and because the band never agreed on the quality of this original LWTUA interpretation, re-recorded it as per Track 1.

Track 2 was recently discovered to be not pitched correctly, so please keep an eye on
The Power Of Independent Trucking for a repitched variant (giving it much more of a sonorous depth than the too-fast common version).

Tracks 5 and 6, largely disposable, came about during the first wave of JD renaissance retro fashion in 1995, upon the release of Debbie Curtis' "Touching From A Distance" and the first London-era JD compilation, the useless
Permanent. Neither interpretation strengthens the song though Gehman (known for his work with John Cougar Mellencamp and R.E.M.) does bring up the acoustic elements a bit (too much?), and Baker's effort does give the track a bit of a dance feel.

Minor EQ and volume adjustments only.

I actually like Arthur Baker's remix a lot, and will occasionally close out one of my DJ sets with it. Another remix which was commissioned (but rejected) at the time is by Trouser Enthusiasts (Ian Masterson). I find it laughably inappropriate, but if you want to hear it, download
this (192 kbps MP3, 10MB).


  1. wow, Wow, WOW!!!
    Mr. A.L. - hats off to you - 'Minor EQ and volume adjustments only'? If it were just that I could do it just as you have, but I could never get LWTUA to sound like this! Nor These Days. Congratulations.

    £50 Note - I am SO looking forward to the next 4(?) cd's, artwork etc for these are so great. And what are we getting after the JD singles have been finished? I'm holding my breath as I type!

  2. too cool

    the art work is classic in its own right

    as for the clubby house mix isn't there dub to that as well or was i mistaken

  3. Nice, nice, nice - I must say...

    Cheers from Australias eastcoast...


  4. @ximeremix, the next three singles are the Komakino flexi, She's Lost Contol, and Atmosphere '88 (which has been radically redone because all the tracks except for one are redundant). Love Will Tear Us Apart '95 isn't going to be separate, since we folded the unique tracks into the one posted above.

    Some of the forthcoming downloads: dual Radio 1 documentaries for both Joy Division and New Order's Substance comps (first aired in '88 and featuring interviews from everyone involved), New Order performing Substance live front-to-back in SoCal, September '87, and a full disc of expanded listening extras for each of the five 80's albums on Factory.

    There's a lot more in the pipeline, but always subject to change.

    @MusicArchivist - I think there's a dub mix for the Trouser Enthusiasts' version, but I don't have it. It was never officially released.

  5. Trouser Enthusiast's remix is a comedy classic! I never thought LWTUA would ever leave me grinning like an idiot but now it has... It even beats the Paul Young version for inappropriateness! Thanks once again for another great package and another excellent remastering job, can't wait for more. . .

  6. Wonderful work. Can't wait for the Substance performance.

  7. That TE remix is ... absolutely the most stunningly retarded re-interpretation of a track I've ever heard.

    I finally found something that beats William S. Burroughs "singing" REM's "Fuck Me Kitten". Amazing.

  8. I must admit that I kind of like the Trouser Enthusiasts remix. It's really easy to hear the lyrics being sung without all that music around it getting in the way :)

  9. I received a comment from Mr. Dual Track that read:

    "Here is an alternate mix of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' which seems to have been overlooked in your work. I didn't apply any EQ or noise reduction, it's a straight copy from a high-bias cassette I acquired in a trade in the early 1990s, captured in Adobe Audition (using a Nakamichi DR-2 cassette deck and a Audigy 2ZS sound card), output to Flac (for my own collection) and then transcoded to 256kbps mp3 for you.

    [Link redacted]"

    I wanted to address this but couldn't find a link to e-mail him directly. I can assure you we haven't overlooked any mixes of the song - although we did make a conscious choice not to include the live video mix. What you sent appears to be the standard version of the song with some strange stereo splitting and an effect on the vocal. It also had some bleed-through from the other side of the cassette, so in the interest of maintaining the quality of audio in this blog, I've decided not to share the link.