16 December 2010


I frequently get comments that links are broken or someone is having trouble downloading or decompressing a file. I can assure you that all the links work just fine and all the files are there. Sometimes Mediafire is overloaded with requests and will hiccup, but the problem is usually on your end.

If you're having trouble downloading you need to:

1. Clear your browser cache.
2. Restart your computer.
3. Wait.

In some cases you might be able grab everything at once with no problem. In other cases you might have to wait a day and then retry certain files, clearing your cache every time. I would avoid trying to download during peak business hours in the US - 8am EST - 5pm PST.

I know it's not the most graceful system, but it allows me to track the number of downloads per file, plus it's free. If I was hosting the files on my own server I'd soon be overloaded with requests and have to start paying my host for going over my monthly limit of downloads.


  1. Hi there! What about that JD singles box "plus minus", just released by the big W? (you know, ten 7 inchers "newly remastered from original tapes by Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright".... restored artwork and so on?...)
    What do you have to say about that? Woud you recommend it?
    I would like to hear your oppinion.

  2. I personally haven't purchased a copy, but I've found out some interesting things from those who have.

    The audio does indeed sound great, however, only a handful of the tracks are on the bonus CDs, when it would have been quite easy to include everything.

    The single sleeves are not reproductions. The fronts image has a white border, and the back of each sleeve is white with text.

    People who ordered the deluxe box were shipped the regular box by mistake, which is yet *one more screw-up from Rhino* for a band that's had almost nothing *but* screw-ups for the past five years.

    The box is pretty but pointless. Not recommended.

  3. First let me say that I really appreciate all the hard work and time you have put into this wonderful project. I have downloaded all of the New Order singles and am very pleased with everything. I di however have one small problem. I have downloaded all of the zip files numerous (10 or more) following your instructions, but 12 of the 20 files will still do not have the mini-sleeve artwork. I am very disappointed that I cannot seem to get these files, and I would love to make my own box.
    Is there any way you might be able to post a zip file of just the mini-sleeve artwork? These are the only parts of the zips that I am missing.

  4. All the artwork can be found on Flckr;

  5. thank you.

    found this blog back when the plus minus box set came out and i've finally gotten around to downloading everything (JD, NO, The Smiths). i own almost all of this stuff on cd and vinyl but would gladly purchase a box set if one was ever made. are you listening record companies?

    thanks again.

  6. 'King WOW!!! Thank You for all your good work - much appreciated.