25 May 2010

Tower Box

If you scroll down the page a couple of entries you'll see some Recycle package designs submitted by a couple of readers. Well, check these out:

Recycle Origami Tower Box

Recycle Origami Tower Box


This design was done by Chris, who made the previous box. Here's what he had to say:

"i saw that you have placed photos of my box i made from christmas-time, and i'm emailing to say thanks.

BUT, you should know that shortly after talking with you last, i loaned my box to my sister. long story short: box got stolen.

SO, i've been spending these past months rebuilding it all over again: cutting sleeves, printing cd labels [this time, however, i used the cd labels you provided], and so forth. i pretty much scrapped my whole box design, even the book, on this second build.

the first box was a real pain in the ass to make, so started looking for alternatives. i have become somewhat of an origami nut, and i came across a particular design that i thought was perfect for these new order singles. i'm sending you photos of my new box design.

it is called a tower box. there is a cap, a base, and a middle section. the best part of this design is that there can be as many middle sections as i want. the scale of the shell is at the right height to get 10 sleeves easily in. this box took 25 sheets of 7.5" paper, all folded, no glue or tape. the only cutting i did was cutting down some cardstock to 7.5", which when folded, gave me a 5" shell, perfect for the sleeves. i used left over cardstock from the first build for the new design [cause that's all i had at the time], but if i find some really cool paper, i'll probably make another. surprisingly, the box is incredibly stable - before making this one, i made a demo version out of cheapo printer paper, and even that was more than sturdy to support these selves. all in all, it took me a few hours to make it [if i had a paper cutter, it would've been maybe an hour].

anyhoo, thanks for everything.


You can download PDF instructions for this design

I'm really amazed by the response this project has gotten, and I'd like to see more photos from those of you who've assembled your own set. You can e-mail them to 50poundnote at gmail dot com.

18 May 2010

30 years...

Rest in peace, Ian.

I wonder what you'd think of your band. Would you love New Order's music? Would you marvel at the technology and realize it's OK to let your troubles go for a while and lose yourself on the dancefloor? Would the 53-year old you have moved to America, gained 50 pounds, and grown a big beard? Would you have retreated from the public eye in 1981 and be running a small bookshop in Holland? Would you be the person Bono became because your band was bigger than U2?

15 May 2010


I promise the last Joy Division single is coming. To be quite honest, both myself and Mr. Analog Loyalist are suffering a little burnout. While the work we're doing is both rewarding and necessary, spending so much time on one project/band has dampened my enthusiasm. I haven't even assembled my own CDs of the New Order singles yet, which brings me to today's entry.

My OCD doesn't like interrupting the sequence of singles, but I had to share these. A couple of readers have sent photos of their finished singles sets:


Fedge is storing his in mini poly sleeves just like LPs.

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Recycle Box

Chris took this several steps further and I'm just really impressed. The fluorescent green and orange of the box are the colors of the inner sleeves for Round & Round/Round & Remix. Alongside the artwork for each single the book uses stock photos similar to the artwork used for Republic and it's singles. Bizarre Love Triangle and Touched By The Hand Of God have been tweaked to be gatefold sleeves like the their 7" and CD singles respectively, and he used a unifying titling/color scheme across the CDs instead of the labels I made, which are kinda haphazard since they're based on the labels from the vinyl singles.

What I'd always envisioned in my head was using a prefab plastic CD flip file to store the singles (plastic=recycle). I was going to print and mount Saville's original Recycle "waste painting" to the top, and craft a booklet to go inside, but I'd like to open this up to all of you. Have you put together your own set yet? Do you have any ideas for housing the package? Please share your ideas and photos with us.