11 May 2011

Factory LPs and EPs 1981-1989: Artwork

Zip File

Several people have asked if we'll be giving the Recycle treatment to the the studio LPs released between 1981-1989. We've decided against it for the time-being, because the albums are all in print (or in the case of 1981-1982 and Substance can be recreated with the work previously posted here), and once Warners/London/Rhino got the 2-disc remasters sorted out the sound is actually not that bad.

We would be sourcing from the Factory CDs manufactured between 1986-1992, so if you have those already, consider them the Recycle masters. The one exception is
Low-Life, which had some questionable pre-emphasis added at the mastering stage. At some point we may decide to transcribe the Low-Life vinyl, but that's not on the horizon.

I've carefully scanned the sleeves of the LPs/EPs released between '81 and '89, and bundled them together so you can tag the albums in your own digital library. The one new addition is a variation on the
Substance sleeve, seen above. I put together my own 2-disc version which encapsulates the Factory singles nicely.

01. Ceremony (second version)
02. Procession
03. Everything's Gone Green (12" version)
04. Temptation (12" version)
05. Blue Monday
06. Confusion
07. Thieves Like Us
08. Murder
09. The Perfect Kiss (12" version)
10. Sub-Culture (12" remix)
11. Shellshock (12" remix)
12. State Of The Nation (12"version)
13. Bizarre Love Triangle (12" remix)
14. True Faith (12" version)
15. Touched By The Hand Of God (7" version)
16. Blue Monday 1988 (12" version)
17. Fine Time (12" version)
18. Round & Round (12" version)
19. Run 2 (7" version)
20. World In Motion (7" version)


  1. your own personal site is down Jeb ???

  2. Yeah, it's an issue with my webhost - it's temporary.

  3. Very nice! Will you also be doing the JD LP sleeves?

  4. I was actually thinking the other day that the pictures I found via Google Image search to tag my albums looked rather dull compared to the lovely work you have done on the singles. My iTunes library just got a little brighter. Thanks!

  5. I've done 3 of the Joy Division sleeves already, I just need to do Still. I'm trying to figure out a way to include the ribbon from the hardback book edition and keep the image square.

  6. Many thanks for all the brilliant work you do here...it is much appreciated!

  7. Disappointed that no Recycle will be done on the albums. I don't find Rhino releases to be nice. Also getting hold of the old pressings is a hard task. Also, why doesn't anybody master Get Ready and Waiting for The Sirens Call from vinyl since the CDs are loudness race victims? Anyways, thanks for the work.

  8. Well, while this blog is not going to recycle the first 5 New Order albums, it could, at least, use discogs.com to point out which are the "best" pressings/catalogue numbers to get. Example: http://www.discogs.com/New-Order-Technique/master/4442 - give it three or four pressings that could be selected from there and make a list with the 5 albums, and 4 known good pressings. It would be a good guide for buyers, instead of us taking a blind shot. Don't you think? I certainly find "Technique" latest pressings more compressed (-7.60dBFS relative to 89dB)

    For Low-Life I must say... the original CD is terribly emphasized. The London 1992 reissues have unbalanced channels - more sound to the right. And the Rhino reissues, we still have Sunrise with a dirty glitch. That's why we need Low-Life from you guys!

  9. As I mentioned in the post above, the best versions on CD would be the original UK pressings by Factory, which were manufactured between 1986 and 1992. Those same albums manufactured in any other country during the same time period might have additional compression or EQ, so it's always best to stick closest to the band's home label. While the London/Centredate reissues starting in '93 might be OK, I don't know that anyone has compared them to find out what changes in loudness or compression were made, if any. The loudness wars don't really begin until '97.

  10. Well I just got hold of Technique FACD275, from UK - and I just wanted to ask if this is it. ReplayGain values of -7.05 throughout the album. I'm not sure this was the standard loudness back in 1989, as most records were at max -1.30dB. Did they crank up the volume when doing the CD version?

  11. yes the reason why they didnt do the albums is because there still in print

    it was the plan of the blog

    just do do the singles to show the label there is an interest for a complete singles box set

    which i thought was brilliant idea

    but the label heads are mostly morons and rather keep putting out top 40 artists like lady gaga and katie perry

  12. I just compared the FACD275 against the Centradate counterpart and I can affirm the sound if *IDENTICAL*. Seems to be from the same master. So either the 8573 81367-2 or FACD275 will sound just fine. I believe there were a couple of albums throught 88-92 which have been mastered loud, not being necessarely a victim of loudness race. (Another example of this is Simple Minds, Real Life UK 1st Pressing). But we do need LOW LIFE from vinyl. Please 50 Pound, give us Low Life!

  13. Can you upload it again. Thanks