14 August 2012

The New Order Archives

Those of you who follow Recycle may be interested to know that one of our partners - Drew Crumbaugh, a.k.a. The Analog Loyalist - has put his exceptional skill to work in remastering a treasure trove of mid-'80s New Order live shows. These tapes came directly from Peter Hook several years ago.

Please to enjoy!



  1. Just to be fair, only the "stash" tapes came via (not "from") Hooky. Had it not been for a musician friend of his, they'd be rotting in an Alderley Edge landfill! You can find the first three mastered "stash" tapes at The Power of Independent Trucking; all remaining ones will be at The New Order Archives in the future.

  2. Hi,
    Many moons ago a good pal of mine who was the biggest JD/NO fan I knew, played his favourite boot to me. It was on White vinyl (a fact he loved it being as its his surname) Its a New Order gig in the States and the crowd are lacklustre and unappreciative until the first few stabs of Blue Monday fade in... THEN Barny starts spitting venom "How Does It Feel, To Stand in Front of Cunts Like You..." Bloody Brilliant! I'm sure it must be a well known boot to those in the know, its just I ain't one of them!! Can anyone enlighten me? I'd love to hear it again but in the digital age theres a plethora (geek for shitloads) to trawl through. Incidentally my mate moved to Manchester just b4 it went "Mad". He got a job as roady for some psychedelic oiks called Inspiral Carpets, although I have no idea if he was roadying alongside their more famous roady.

    Also its a real shame someone objected to the Ceremony 30th Anniversary edition being tweaked and shared. It sounds like a labour of love, and as someone who manipulates a lot of audio files I was eager to hear it and very unchuffed not to be able to. Brilliant Blog BTW. Regardless of what some faceless corporate music biz arsehole thinks, New Orders Factory Output rightfully belongs to the fans. We bought those 12inch vinyl slabs of rare beauty. Tony gifted them to us. Shit I love New Order.