19 December 2012

Merry Xmas From The Haçienda And Factory Records

[Link removed 1 January 2013]

New Order
Merry Xmas From The Haçienda And Factory Records
24 December 1982


1. Rocking Carol (a.k.a. We Will Rock You)
2. Ode To Joy

Sourced from FAC 51B flexidisc

Mono recording remastered by Bruce Bartlett, who did the previous New Order vinyl transfers in this blog.

Limited edition of 4400 given away at the Haçienda, Christmas Eve, 1982.

From Factory "We can't remember if this was Xmas present to the Hacienda regulars or just a crazy idea. Certainly it involved taking a New Order piece that they'd recorded for a local TV Xmas special the previous year and making a flexi out of it. As far as we remember it was Beethoven's Ode to Joy, but we don't have a record player any more so we can't be sure."


  1. Thanks Jed, I didn't have this! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. It was given to Hacienda members as the 1983 Christmas card. I got mine when they found a load spare in 1985/6 and decided to get rid of them through the NME. I think I got an old Hac membership card at the same time. I think it's safe to say it's for collectors only.

  3. Thanks Jed! long time fan of your mixes & all. Just one thing: the 256's are actually 128's, right? no worries, got the losseless too.
    Thanks so much for keeping the spirit alive!

    1. No, the 256s are actually 256s. :)

      This one may appear to be 128 because it's mono.

  4. Hello, i'm so sorry i missed this link. any chance you can repost the lossless file? hope not too much trouble. thank you! happy new year ...

  5. sorry i did not see the earlier post about deactivating links until i posted my first comment. apologies.

  6. Aargh, I missed this, is there any way I can get it?

  7. It was given away after a Christmas gig (Can't remember details but must have been NO).

    It was a bit of a free-for-all as everyone left, which meant a load of them got trashed underfoot, but I ended up getting about half a dozen of them (all bar one I gave away to deserving NO collectors/fanatics in the ensuing few years).

  8. Oh, and it is indeed truly terrible, by the way!

  9. FAC51 made this available (as WAVs!) last Christmas: